Mochi 是日本傳統的甜點小吃,更是慶典和應節的必備食品! 我們依據傳統的配方來製作出軟滑柔韌的糯米冰皮,包裹著各款不同風味的沙蓉餡料,香滑忌廉、果醬、果粒等,口感豐富獨特。 色彩繽紛和誘人心動的賣相,讓您難以抗拒一嚐。

Aiming to give the traditional a new twist, and to spread the happiness all year round, Mochi Sweets now brings to you the best selection of Mochi! From the traditional flavor to more contemporary selections, each morsel is a wonderful combination of fresh filling and cream that come together to form a bite-sized of joy!

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